Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lesson 30 - Bear and Daddy

She's learning the violin using method called Colourstrings, where they call the four strings of the violin with names karhu, isi, äiti, lintu (bear, dad, mom, bird in English). 

Today we started teaching the computer how to make the sounds karhu, isi, äiti and lintu. We started by trying how the bear (note G) sounds.

    play g

We played that in unison a few times and it seemed to be in tune with the violin. So we declared

    let karhu = play g

Next was isi, i.e. the note D.

    play d

That also sounded alright, but it revealed to us that our karhu was actually an octave too high. So we redefined 

    let karhu = play g/2

And that sounded perfect. Then we defined

    let isi = play d

And we were done with her patience. Next up: äiti, lintu.

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