Monday, October 7, 2013

Girl B

Today, while waiting for my older daughter to get ready for her lesson, we started a Nerd Preschool with the younger one, who's almost 2. We discovered the mouse (cursor) on the screen and practised moving it around. The target was to start Terminal and then close the window using the red circle in the corner. And that was fun. We did it many times. 

The trackpad is indeed quite hard compared to direct point-and-click of today's touchscreens. But that's using it is learnable skill, as the older one demonstrated by easily scaling the terminal window, dragging from the lower right corner.

Then we practiced typing letters with caps-lock on. She has absolutely no idea which key produces which glyph or how the glyphs are related to the sounds. Yet, it was fun. Learning will occur if repeated.

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