Monday, August 26, 2013

Mad Skillzz

This is what we've done so far, just summarizing for myself mostly. Most of this stuff she can do now, but needs some help with.


- Start vim to edit a file: vim kissa
- Add new line with text, exit insert mode: p, <esc>
- Delete a line: dd
- Copy/yank a line, and paste it: yy, p
- Append to current position: a
- Save and exit: :wq


- List all files: ls
- Print out file contents: cat kissa
- Count number of words: cat kissa|wc -w
- Speaking: cat kissa|say


- Add any commands to a file using vim
- Make executable: chmod u+x nakki
- Run the script: ./nakki


- Search for stuff: click on location bar, type text, press enter
- Go to image search to see more pictures
- Scrolling with two fingers
- Saving a file: right-click, Save As, select home directory, enter file name
- Open saved file from command line: open perhonen.jpeg

What next? More practise on all of these areas of course, but should we set a goal or something?

1 comment:

  1. not sure which framework would produce something visible with least code...

    visual python ain't bad, I sometimes do interpreter console demos with it for those interested in trying out 3d game dev (animating stuff from console, whoopee)

    I guess something 2d would be better at first, much more fun to get a picture in window than a cube or sphere...