Monday, August 12, 2013

Lesson 2 : vim

We had another lesson today. We agreed that at the start of each lesson we'll recap the previous topics. So we did. She still struggles with entering the space between "say" and the thing to say. Otherwise she did very well.

Then we spent some time learning how to change the colors of the terminal window. Not surprisingly, she chose a red background.

The actual topic of lesson 2 was vim, which happens to be my favorite editor. Not sure if it's a good decision to go with vim, it having a relatively steep learning curve for typical computer users. In our case however, there's no bias, as she has no experience with editors, and does not expect to be able to move around with the arrow keys and mouse. So, vim it is.

What we did was

- "vim kissa" (we spent a relatively long period of time discussing what would be the optimal name for the first file)
- "i" to enter insert mode
- Random text
- "esc" to exit insert mode
- ":w" to save
- ":q" to exit
- repeat opening the same file again and celebrate the fact that the same text still lives in the "kissa" file!

Now let's see if she remembers any of these commands on the next lesson. I'm quite sure she'll be surprised and delighted by the fact that her file still exists and contains the same stuff.

Btw, How come Blogger defaults to Times New Roman?

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