Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lesson 3: Revisiting vim, Piping

As I suspected, she had forgot almost everything about using vim. So we revisited the basic commands (open, add new line, exit insert mode, save, quit). In the end she was able to enter multiple lines on her own. We practised saving and quitting a few times. Maybe next time she'll remember at least one command...

The next thing was "cat kissa|say" which served to demonstrate the power of the command-line: you can chain simple tools like cat and say together to form new tools. This time we built a tool for reading her own file "kissa" and speaking it out loud. It was great fun to listen to the computer speaking through multiple lines of random characters. She recognised the word "OK" that she had accidentally typed somewhere between the random chars.

That's it. Baby steps. Repeat repeat repeat. Another lesson in before bedtime, maybe.

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