Sunday, August 25, 2013

Lesson 9: Piping Like It's 1999

Today we had a nice little session. We used ls to list all the files again. This time she remembered that cat is the program we use for printing out a file. So we printed out the weekdays in the vkp file. Then she manually counted that there are 7 of them. 

I persuaded her to see if the computer comes to the same conclusion as she did. So I introduced the new tool wc (word count) the name of which was found very funny. We found out that the "-w" flag should be used. Then we did our first "double pipe":

    cat vkp|wc -w|say

This time she also remembered how to type the pipe character. The computer agreed with her and said "seven".

Then we googled for "monsters" as per her request, and saved a picture of a monster onto the hard disc, found it there using ls and opened it in vim to find out that it looked like garbage. She liked it a lot though. She remembered how to type vim and how to exit. Nice.


  1. Have you used cat to the kissa file? Because "cat kissa" is just hilarious.

  2. Sure :) That was one of the first things: