Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lesson 16 - Mom Learns Vim

This time we practised vim movements quite a bit

  • 0/$ - start/end of line
  • 1G - first line
  • G - last line
  • 2G -second line
  • w - forward one word
  • b - back one word
  • j/k - down/up
And that's quite enough for most of your movement needs. We'll practice those more later.

Then we did some editing, using dw to "delete word" and then i to insert new text. She remembered to exit insert mode, of course.

Then we yanked a line with yy and pasted with p. Those she remembered too. And deleted one line with dd, so that our little song goes now like

  head shoulders knees and toes
  knees and toes

  head shoulders knees and toes
  knees and toes

Then we made the computer speak this out load again with cat pää|say. She taught her mother how to do that.

Then she insisted on teach mom some vim too. And so also mom is capable of entering and exiting vim! She'll get another lesson tomorrow.

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