Monday, September 2, 2013

Lesson 12 - Head and Toes

This time we started with a new command mv that we used for renaming the file "ihmisentarvikkeet" to "pää". I think she had great insight when she explained to me why you cannot use tab-completion when typing the new file (the file doesn't exist yet so the computer cannot guess it).

We used ls to list all files and find the new one in the listing. Then we piped the output of ls to say to have the computer speak it out loud. I promised to install a better voice to the computer so that it would be better at Finnish. She made me promise that we install it together when I've figured out how to do it.

Then it was Vim time again. We learnt to navigate to the end of the line ($) and to the start of the line (0). Then we added another word to our song (with a=append), which now goes like

    head toes

Then we had the computer "sing" it with cat pää|say. Concentration was hard and the last command too like 5 minutes to get right. 

Keep calm. Baby steps. Practice makes perfect.

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