Friday, September 6, 2013

Lesson 14 - Back And Forth

We started by moving the "pää" file back to the home directory. It took some time to establish that the snake-like tilde character represents the home directory and she decided to call it the "waves of the ocean" character. I think it's good to have a memorable name for that.

Then it was vim time. She knew that to edit the file, she has to use vim, and to open the file in vim she has to type "vim pää". She also types it correctly, even including the space between the words.

In vim, we practiced movements. Use 0/$ to go to the beginning/end of the line. Then we used w to go to the end of the current/next word. We moved around quite a bit, then appended the missing "the" word in the file that will eventually contain the lyrics of the "head toes knees and toes" song. She didn't remember the a/append command, but we memorized that append is a lot like "Abhem", who is one of her friends. Maybe remember next time?

We enjoyed the power of vim by repeating the previous command with "." and even tried "10." to repeat it ten times. Then u for undo. At last we had the first line of the lyrics ready!

And that was enough for here this time. Too tired to go on. Better quit while winning, right?

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