Sunday, September 24, 2017

Unity 4: BoardManager, Childhood, Mushrooms

Today we started on the Writing the Board Manager part of the Unity 2D tutorial. This is the first part of the video tutorial that involves actual coding. And some code there is! Defining inner classes, methods, tons of variables, nested for loops etc.

I no longer wonder why this tutorial is not Beginner but Intermediate level :) We wrote quite a bunch of code of which I understood 100% and she maybe 20% or so. But no worries, we'll keep on coding and make something fun. Understanding how it actually works comes second, hopefully.

This reminds me of my own learning days when I was about her age and learnt coding from the Commodore Vic 20 Manual. Like this:

There were tons of simple and progressively less simple computer programs that I just typed like they were written on the book. I had no idea what the program code meant but I just typed it anyway. And it was so exciting to finally type


.. and see what happened! Then I started slightly modifiying the ready made programs and finally started to understand the code by the effect that my little changes had on the outcome.

So, I hope she can also learn that way. And I'm actually 100% sure it's all about motivation and repetion. If she has the motivaion, she'll learn.

Oh, and we found this mushroom on our backyard:

Should we eat it, yes? While driving to her football match she asked me what these mushrooms actually do to people. I told her that it does something to your brain and you'll see funny things. And if you eat too much you'll die. Immediately regretted mentioning the hallucinations. Had to make extra sure that experimentation is out of the question in case more information of the effects is needed.

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