Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lesson 52 - Spam, Eggs and Spam

Today she was drawing with Paintbrush by herself. She had already drawn some nice figures (herself and me) when I entered the scene. That was also when the fun stopped. When I started asking her questions and offering advice on having the picture saved, she wanted to stop.

I quick figured she was dehydrated. When offered a drink, she gulped the whole glass of milk at once. And was full of energy again. We continued painting and she learned a bunch of new tools to use. We had fun with different color pickers once again.

She was quite keen on going through the menus and finding all kinds of features there. Indeed, a lot of learning happened even though we didn't actually code this time. Instead she learned some general power-user skills. Like the keyboard shortcuts for Saving (Cmd-S) and Opening (Cmd-O) files and Undo (Cmd-Z).

We ended up making an Easter Egg card with some text. Text that she typed flawlessly. Even the word "pääsiäismuna". Not all adults can type that correctly.

Then she asked if we can send our new  "pictures message" to mom. Yes we can!

So after saving our Easter Egg card, we opened Mail. And whoa, she had got mail from Google+ and Github (yes, of course she has an account). I tried to explain the purpose of those spammish mails to her. And when she saw the embedded video, she told me that it's an "advertisement video". So, she now pretty much understands marketing and spam.

But the point was to send the picture to mom and so we did. New mail (she remembered the button), then attach using the paperclip button and so on. It was a lot of fun that we were doing all this activity secretly from mom. A lot of giggling occurred.

And mom got mail!

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