Monday, November 11, 2013

37 - hiiri

Yesterday I told her that she can send a link to any of her Turtle Roy programs by email to her friends. She got quite excited and wanted to send links to her cousins immediately. The problem was she didn't have an email account so I promised we'll do it later.

Today I set up a Gmail account for her use and configured Apple Mail to use it.

Then we asked mom to send her an email. And so she received her first email from mom. She replied to it with ease. It seemed that the email program was quite easy to use for her. But hey, what would you expect from a vim user?

Then she wanted to send daddy a message too. I showed her how to do that and she typed my email address and all quite well. Then I explained the idea of the subject field and the message body and asked her what she wants to write. I suggested that if she doesn't have anything particular in mind, she could simply use "hello" as the subject. 

In fact she did have something particular in mind.

Just "hiiri". No questions asked.


  1. awesome. I can't wait until my kids are using vim.
    If she hasn't seen this, she will probably love it

  2. Whoa! VIM ADVENTURES! Will definitely check this out with my little vimster.

  3. FYI

  4. She should use Linux and FLOSS.