Monday, February 22, 2016

The Stuff that Coders Do

Greetings from wintery Finland! And sorry for being lazy on the blog. I'll try to get a grip on this:) We have indeed been coding every now and then, but mostly doing other stuff. Let's talk about the other stuff this time. Next post will be programming related, I promise.

So, what do coder girls do when they're not coding?

Well, they might play some Bubble Bobble on the Commodore 64. The kids can now connect the computer, disc drive and all the wires and use the "command line" to load games. The old Commodore is one of the favorite activities around here. There's just something magical about the machine and Bubble Bobble. Below, you can see someone hypnotized by the graphics shown while the game is loading.

But one should not stare too much into plasmas, LCDs and LEDs right? That's bad for the eyes. And the brain needs some fresh air too. So, we ride ponies!

Well, that was more like a one-shot activity but will not be soon forgotten. At home, the kids love ponies too. They watch them on YouTube and make their own, too. These things are a bit freaky though, huh?

One of our latest dad-daughter activities has been recording music in the home studio. Older sister can now pretty much operate GarageBand on her own and record the lovely voice of the 4-year old. Both the girls have been coming up with songs of their own and I really want to capture those for future listening. You can never get that 4-year-old voice back you know.

The bigger kid can also read and write notes to some extent, so she writes her stuff down while talking with granma on the phone.

So that kind of stuff.

Meanwhile I've been also been teaching programming to kids in Koodikoulu (Code School) events and was honored to have the Finnish president. It was pretty cute that he wore the same kind of name tag as the kids had:

You can read more about Koodikoulu on the Reaktor blog.

Next up: more board game development. See you soon!


  1. Oh btw, I do appreciate comments, requests and suggestions!

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