Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Frozen Dragons

Yesterday we had a Movie Night with our family. We watched the film Frozen featuring the princesses Anna and Elsa who seem to be the current idols of our daughters.

Today my bigger girl made yet another Christmas card with Scratch and then went on to code.org to discover that Anna and Elsa are now featured as the first tutorial! So now she's drawing beautiful drawings on the ice by coding. It's a very nice tutorial indeed, but depends very much on angles. Like, you need to do an 120 degree angle there and a 90 degree angle there. Fortunately you can pick the angles from a dropdown...

Another nice thing we've been playing lately is Dragonbox that's not directly related to programming, but teaches algebra instead. Even our 3-year old is able to solve simple math equations!

While the 3-year old was solving equations, the 5-year old built a robot out of Lego Mindstorms bricks. I guess we'll have to do some robot programming soon.

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  1. Actually kind of cool how puzzle number 20 can be solved in zero lines of code. That is after all what every software engineer should strive for, professionally speaking (: