Monday, October 6, 2014

Turtles and Tanks

Last weekend we visited my friend in the beautiful town of Loviisa and her lovely daughter Amanda and played some board games.

We started with Robot Turtles, that I covered in my previous posting too.

The thing was, they had two cats. So we played Robot Turtles with Amanda while my daughters chased and petted the cats around the house. Turned out Amanda liked the turtle programming game a lot and quickly hacked how to capture the diamond with a "program" that's a sequence of moves. She also learned how to debug: try something, run it, then try again. 

Many times she decided to start her somewhat complected program from scratch instead of trying to fix it. That's what a programmer sometime has to do!

She also learned to use the LASER card to melt icy obstacles into harmless ponds of water.

Then something unusual happened.

Her turtle was surrounded by tanks.

Guess what she did?

Well, she calmly constructed a program that made her turtle eliminate all of the tanks with LASER. And she succeeded with her first try too. Each tank exploded with a huge BOOM!

So we switched to a hex board and gave her seek and destroy missions. Tanks a plenty were destroyed. 

Meanwhile my girls had messed Amanda's room quite badly. I ask Mila to have a look at what Amanda was doing and the joined their forces to take out a platoon of tanks with their flawless programs before we had nachos.

Who said girls can't destroy tanks?

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